Application Information

Thank you for your interest in working at MindArk!

Before sending your job application to us, please make sure to follow below guidelines:

  • Swedish or English. Only applications written in English or Swedish are handled.
  • E-mail your application. Send your application via e-mail to Make sure to include an appropriate subject line.
  • Text document formats. Use standard Word or PDF formats for attached text documents.
  • Complete CV. Always include a complete CV, listing your address and contact information, education and work experience.
  • Cover letter. Include a cover letter explaining why you are the best candidate for the position.
  • Digital show reels. When digital show reels are required, send only digital ones, e.g. a link to your online portfolio or samples attached to your e-mail. The maximum size for attached work samples is 1 MB. For larger samples, please provide us with a website or FTP server where we can access them.
  • Graphic formats. Please only use the following formats: JPG, BMP, MOV, and AVI using standard codec's (e.g. divx, MPEG1) for attached or linked work samples.


NOTE: Please do not call our office phone to enquire about your application. We will be unable to answer your questions by phone.


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