MindArk —— Builders of a Virtual Metaverse

MindArk develops, operates and markets Entropia Universe, a massive virtual metaverse with a unique integrated economic system.

Entropia Universe features an open world game experience where every participant can build on their dreams and ambitions – or simply find an alternate space to hang out.

Since 1999 we at MindArk have been working hard to make sure there is a planet out there for everyone.

In 2021 MindArk started working on the next generation Entropia Universe experience based on the state of the art Graphics Engine Unreal Engine 5 from Epic Games.

The unique Real Cash Economy unites the many worlds inside Entropia Universe and lets everyone, from a zero-budget newcomer to a senior veteran Avatar, engage on their own level.

Join us inside Entropia Universe or browse on to find out more about MindArk’s history and the business opportunities we offer.

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The Metaverse

Entropia Universe is the only true metaverse currently in existence. Since its launch in 2003, Entropia Universe has been a commercial success and has been continually developed, expanded, and improved in the intervening nearly two decades.

The unique real-cash economy of Entropia Universe empowers participants from all over the globe to trade goods and services. Many Entropians have forged long-lasting relationships through the multitude of opportunities for social engagement in this living, breathing metaverse.

Multiple development studios build and maintain uniquely themed planets within the metaverse, offering a wide range of experiences and adventures. Seamless travel between planets, a core feature of Entropia Universe’s single-universe design, ensures maximum immersion and engaging content, whether it be in space, on lush alien landscapes, or on vast oceans.


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